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English translation of the original Russian edition published by Chelyabinsk State University Publishing House, Chelyabinsk, 2016

  • Contains over 80 full-color pages of never-before-published photos
  • Offers a look into the private "science kitchen" of the Chelyabinsk investigation
  • Details the personal experiences of the scientists and the fascinating process of scientific inquiry
  • Presents a holistic view of the phenomenon, from astronomical to cultural aspects

​On February 15, 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteor sailed over Russian skies in a streak of light that was momentarily brighter than the Sun. The remarkable event and its subsequent shock wave were witnessed and documented by countless local residents, launching a widespread scientific expedition to gather and study the remaining meteoritic fragments.

This book chronicles Chelyabinsk’s tale of recovery and discovery from the minds of many of the scientists who studied the superbolide, leading field experiments and collecting meteorites and meteorite dust across the region. The Chelyabinsk superbolide is a complex and multi-aspect phenomenon. The book not only presents the results of the scientific research but also details the firsthand experiences of those involved in such efforts, providing readers with a unique opportunity to look at the "inner workings" of science that are seldom shown to the public.

Over the course of their studies, the scientists collected over 200 photographs and a dozen video recordings taken by nearly 40 different eyewitnesses. Many of those never-before-published illustrations and photos can be found in full color in the pages of this book.

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