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Motic Microscopio Panthera TEC MAT, trino, cam

Prodotto n.: 64449
Produttore: Motic

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Motic Microscopio Panthera TEC MAT, trino, cam
Motic Microscopio Panthera TEC MAT, trino, cam
Motic Microscopio Panthera TEC MAT, trino, cam
Motic Microscopio Panthera TEC MAT, trino, cam
Motic Microscopio Panthera TEC MAT, trino, cam
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Panthera TEC MAT BD, Moticcam PRO S5 Lite


The Panthera TEC series of Industrial microscopes is the missing link in the Panthera family: Incident light microscopes for material sciences, ready to handle semiconductors, LCD panels and wafers with a clever Brightfield/Darkfield illumination concept. To extend the application

fields for compound materials, microscope models with additional Transmitted light by integrated LED illumination can be chosen.


The Panthera TEC models offer a high value for the inspection of semiconductors and compound materials especially in technical education and quality control of industry. Brightfield, Darkfield and simple Polarization contrast are combined with a new segmental illumination. This concept allows an oblique incident illumination,

perfect for the detection of scratches or other defects on flat and reflecting surfaces without a need to move the sample.

The Panthera TEC BD models feature LD Plan BD objectives with a superb imaging performance, mounted on a 5-fold encoded nosepiece. The light intensity for each objective position is automatically memorized and will be repeated once

the objective is swung in again.

The compact Epi illuminator carries a slot for polarizer and analyzer, ready for Polarization contrast and to reduce internal reflections. The illuminator also includes the controls for varying the incident light in terms of mode (BF or DF)

and illumination angle. The extended 22mm Field of View (FOV) offers 21% more visual area in comparison to a basic 20mm FOV system. The beam split of the trinocular versions (25° viewing angle) is fixed by 50/50 (vis/photo).

The Panthera TEC is clearly focused on material sciences. Incident illumination is performed by a 3W LED of selectable color temperature. The incident/transmitted stand type for compound materials additionally carries a transmitted LED illumination system with 39 LEDs mounted in an LED condenser. Here, a stage with

glass insert will be applied. 2 stage options (6”x4”, 3”x2”) give flexibility for different sample dimensions.

The Panthera TEC models fill the last gap in the Panthera family. Now also opaque industrial samples can be examined with an extended ease of use: brilliant optics for significant image results, flexible models for a variety of applica-

tions and smart functionality in microscope controls.



Optical system Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS ®)

Observation tube Trinocular head, Siedentopf type, 360º swiveling

Inclination 25º inclined, 360º swivelling

Trinocular light split Fixed 50:50

Interpupillary distance 48-75mm

Diopter adjustment On both eyepieces, +/- 4 diopter

Eyepieces Widefield UC-WF10X/22mm with diopter adjustment

Intermediate Body Epi-illuminator LED with integrated field and aperture diaphragms and slots for analyzer and polarizer

Nosepiece Reversed quintuple, coded

Objective classification CCIS® BD Plan Achromatic & S-Apo (Pb free), DIN (for Brightfield and Darkfield)

Objectives 5X/0.13 (WD 17.3mm), 10X/0.25 (WD 16.3mm), 20X/0.40 (WD 7.3mm), S-Apo 50X/0.80 (WD 1mm)

Objective mounting thread M32

Stand type Upright

Stage Mechanical stage, hard coated with built-in low position coaxial stage control and glass plate

Stage size 300x180mm

Travel range X&Y 150x100mm (6"x4")

Focus mechanism Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment

Fine focus precision 2µm

Focusing stroke 25mm

Upper limit stop Upper limit stop preset but adjustable

Incident illumination LED 3W smart segmental ringlight with integrated field and aperture diaphragms

Illumination interchangeability LED color temperature interchangeability

Illumination features Motic LightTracer: Light memory, sleep mode (auto on-off), nosepiece LED light intensity and mode indicator

Transformer Internal

Power supply 110-240V (CE)

Other features USB 2.0 for external camera power

Accessories included Dust cover, power cord, Hex key, screws for metal extension support

Dimensions LxWxH 410x300x450mm

Net weight10.5kg

Moticam PRO S5 Lite5 Megapixel with C-Mount Adapter

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