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Prodotto n.: 68979

Thermo-Hygro-Sender mit Wassermelder WEATHERHUB

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Descrizione prodotto

Thermo-hygro transmitter with water detector WEATHERHUB


  • Transmitter for WEATHERHUB SmartHome System
  • Retrieval of the data at any time via smartphone
  • To control temperature and humidity
  • Water detector warns of impending water damage
  • Requires gateway (sold separately as a set)

Product description

Use your smartphone now for mobile climate and home monitoring! With the WEATHERHUB SmartHome system, you can easily control the temperature, weather and other conditions around the house and garden. Install the transmitter exactly where you want to measure the climate data. The determined values are transmitted wirelessly to a gateway module and then to a server.

You can call up the information at any time with your smartphone and know what's going on - no matter where you are.

The WEATHERHUB SmartHome system can be operated quickly and easily via a free app.

This thermo-hygro transmitter reliably provides you with the temperature and humidity indoors or outdoors. The integrated water detector warns you in good time of impending water damage.

Anyone who likes to turn on the washing machine and leave the house always has the uneasy feeling that water damage could occur. With the temperature/humidity transmitter with water detector, you can make sure everything is ok when you're out and about. Should the humidity increase unusually, you will receive the information directly on your display.


To operate this transmitter you need a WEATHERHUB gateway, which you can purchase separately as a starter set in combination with one or more transmitters. This set can then be supplemented with up to 50 additional transmitters and connectable devices.


  • Transmitter for WEATHERHUB SmartHome System
  • Retrieval of data anywhere and anytime via smartphone
  • Temperature and humidity control (inside or outside)
  • At the same time warns of water damage
  • Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and basement
  • Adjustable alarm limits, push notifications for alarm events
  • Storage up to 90 days
  • Only for operation with the WEATHERHUB Gateway (available separately as a set)



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TFA Thermo-Hygro-Sender mit Wassermelder WEATHERHUB
TFA Thermo-Hygro-Sender mit Wassermelder WEATHERHUB

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