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Borsa da trasporto for VESPERA

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Descrizione prodotto

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

Take your Vespera wherever you go with this specially designed backpack to safely carry your observation station.
Weighing only 1 kg, the bag makes it easy to carry Vespera when traveling or enjoying an evening under the stars. It’s small enough to fit easily in the car or on public transport. It can also be transformed into a hiking or leisure bag by simply removing the removable interior compartment.

Protect your station
The backpack is made of a soft material that is resistant to rain, dust and wear. The Vespera’s shell is protected from impacts and scratches thanks to the foam padding over the entire surface of the bag and a fully padded interior. The compartments and numerous pockets prevent the accessories from rubbing against the observation station.

Unparalleled comfort for carrying a telescope
The back panel is reinforced to provide greater comfort when carrying the bag. The shoulder straps are padded and lined with mesh fabric for improved ventilation when wearing the bag on your back for long periods of time or in high temperatures.

Storage space for all your accessories
The Vespera backpack designed by Vaonis offers a host of storage spaces for your observation station and its accessories: tripod, charger, filters, tablet, cell phone, back up battery, etc.

  • 1 external side pocket to store a tablet or laptop
  • 2 internal pockets, 1 of which is zippered on the flap of the backpack
  • 1 compartment for your Vespera
  • 1 removable accessory compartment with 3 spaces

Other features:

  • Top handle for a great grip
  • Padded exterior and interior (foam)
  • Adjustable straps with chest strap
  • Vespera and Vaonis logo on the front panel



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Dimensioni esterne Lunghezza x Larghezza x Altezza (cm)
30 x 17 x 45
Tecnica di fabbricazione
Borsa da trasporto
Trasporto & Manutenzione
Peso (g)
Vaonis Borsa da trasporto for VESPERA
Vaonis Borsa da trasporto for VESPERA
Vaonis Borsa da trasporto for VESPERA
Vaonis Borsa da trasporto for VESPERA
Vaonis Borsa da trasporto for VESPERA

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