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Novoflex Treppiede Aluminio TrioBalance MINI-Set

Prodotto n.: 49418
Produttore: Novoflex

$ 365,00

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Novoflex Treppiede Aluminio TrioBalance MINI-Set
Novoflex Treppiede Aluminio TrioBalance MINI-Set
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Trio Balance - the variable tripod system
Triopod is growing. Effective immediately, the new tripod base Trio Balance is available

It has an integrated leveling ball with an all-round adjustment of 15 °, making it the ideal accessory for all panoramic photographers and all those who want to align a panoramic rotating plate or a Gimbalhead quickly and accurately. As with the Triopod, also based Trio Balance in 9 different Setvarianten will be available. The tripod head is "connected thread. The lateral thread for accommodating expansion accessories is also in 1/4" through 1/4.

Trio Balance Mini
The ideal combination for macro photography tripod or table top shots. The set is delivered with the Trio Balance tripod base and the set of 3 mini legs QLEG A1010

Technical specifications:

  • Max. Working height: 25.5 cm
  • minute Working height: 10 cm
  • Weight: 640 g
  • Novoflex Product name: MINI TRIOBAL

There are both sets with aluminum and carbon legs, short legs for the table stand version and with slight walking sticks!
You can also select one of the following complete sets:

  • TRIOBALA2830 - with 3-segment aluminum legs and MINI-legs
  • TRIOBALA2840 - with 4-segment aluminum legs and MINI-legs
  • TRIOBALA2844 - with compact 4-segment aluminum legs and MINI-legs
  • TRIOBALC2830 - with 3segmentigen Carbon legs and MINI-legs
  • TRIOBALC2840 - with 4-segment carbon legs and MINI-legs
  • TRIOBALC2844 - with compact 4-segment carbon legs and MINI-legs
  • TRIOBALC2253 - with travel-friendly 5-segment Carbon legs and MINI-legs
  • TRIOBALWALK - with walking sticks
  • TRIOBAL MINI - the Tischstativ variant

As an accessory still recommends:

  • TRIO TC - Dreieckstuch for weighting and as a shelf
  • QP MONO - if you want to use a leg as a monopod.

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