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Celestron Filtro Mond- und Planetenfilterset 1,25"

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Celestron Filtro Mond- und Planetenfilterset 1,25"
Celestron Filtro Mond- und Planetenfilterset 1,25"
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Experience the moon and planets in a whole new light with this affordable set !

The color filters highlight fine surface details of a planet or its cloud structure. All filters can be used on any 1.25 "eyepiece that has a filter thread in the socket. Simply screw the filter onto the sleeve and insert the eyepiece as usual with the telescope's eyepiece extension.

This filter set contains the following colors:

  • Dark yellow (Wratten # 12): A good universal filter for telescopes with a small aperture (less than 5 inches, i.e. 127 millimeters). The yellow filter improves the contrast when observing the moon. It also helps to see the cloud bands on Jupiter and Saturn as well as clouds and the polar ice caps on Mars and the atmospheric structures on Uranus and Neptune.
  • Orange (Wratten # 21): This filter improves the visibility of the plains on Mars because it attenuates blue and green light. It also increases the level of detail in the cloud bands and polar regions on Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Blue (Wratten # 80A): The filter increases the contrast of the cloud bands on Jupiter and the polar ice caps on Saturn. It can also be used to increase the contrast on the moon if you don't mind the color shift.
  • Neutral density filter ND-96-0.3 (moon filter): This is a great filter for the moon and can be combined with other planetary filters to reduce brightness without changing color. A neutral density filter is also useful for separating double stars. Use it whenever you want to reduce the brightness without affecting the color properties of an object.

Each filter has a free opening of 26 millimeters and is mounted in a black anodized aluminum frame, which is threaded on both sides. So you can combine different filters to create a certain effect. Special coatings on each filter protect against reflections, ghosting and scratches.

A plastic container is included to keep your filters safe when not in use.

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