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Filtro Dual Band Filter for VESPERA

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Descrizione prodotto

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The Vespera Dual Band Filter is a dual narrowband interference filter that will significantly improve your photo quality whether you are viewing from an urban or natural environment.

By selecting very precisely the wavelengths of Hydrogen Alpha (H-alpha) and Oxygen III (O-III), found mainly in nebulae, the filter will increase the contrast between the Stellar object and the sky background. Thus, its use makes it possible to obtain a higher-quality image, with sharper stars and finer details.

  • Significantly improves photo quality
  • Ideal for nebula photography
  • Increases the contrast between the sky background and the stellar object
  • Refines stars and details

A filter specifically studied for Vespera
The optical quality of the Dual Band filter has been specifically studied by vaonis engineers to offer use at full aperture, without any impact on the optical diameter of the instrument. The lens ring is equipped with an electronic micro-card that allows Vespera to detect the Dual Band filter and adapt its observation and image processing parameters.

Transmission curve
The filter features 12nm of bandwidth in each wavelength (O-III = 500.7nm, H-alpha = 656.3nm).


  • Designed specifically for Vespera, the filter fits easily and discreetly into the optical arm. Remove the standard Vespera lens ring and insert the Dual Band filter until you hear a click. To verify that the Dual Band filter is properly positioned, connect Vespera to your mobile device and launch the Singularity app. In the Space Center and then the Instrument screen, the word “Dual” is shown.
  • The use of the Dual Band filter is incompatible with the observation of galaxies, due to the rejection of a good part of the spectrum which attenuates the signal of the galaxies.
  • The filter is of little interest for the observations of the Moon, individual stars, and planets.
  • Do not expose the filter to direct sunlight.
  • Store the filter in its box after each use to avoid dust build-up.
  • If you notice any streaks or dust, gently clean the filter with an optical wipe, microfiber cloth, feather duster or air blower.
  • Do not attempt to open the lens ring that contains the filter.



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Tecnica di fabbricazione
Filtro UHC
Vaonis Filtro Dual Band Filter for VESPERA
Vaonis Filtro Dual Band Filter for VESPERA
Vaonis Filtro Dual Band Filter for VESPERA
Vaonis Filtro Dual Band Filter for VESPERA
Vaonis Filtro Dual Band Filter for VESPERA
Vaonis Filtro Dual Band Filter for VESPERA

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