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Geigerzähler JD-3001

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Descrizione prodotto

Geiger counter: Measure radioactivity in everyday life
Food, smartphones, stones and more: radioactive radiation surrounds our world. With this Geiger counter you are on the trail of natural science and can easily identify traces of radioactive radiation.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Handy Geiger counter to take with you for every purpose
  • Multifunction: Supports the measurement of radioactive radiation (alpha, beta and gamma radiation), electromagnetic fields as well as humidity and temperature
  • Better logging and tracking: Export your measurement to your computer via USB and collect the data per day in a separate folder
  • Easy to read: Large, color display with backlight
  • More safety and comfort: Individually adjustable threshold alarm
  • Automatic switch-off with timer

Counting tube for traces of radioactive radiation
Radioactivity is not always harmful, but is present to a small extent in many objects and in our natural environment. You can easily determine this radiation with this Geiger counter. Hold the device to an object of your choice and you will receive a measurement result. Or measure the ambient radioactivity.

Easily determine radiation exposure
A person may only be exposed to a certain amount of radioactive radiation per year. The Geiger counter therefore measures in the unit microsievert (in the millionth sievert range) per hour (µSv/h). This value indicates the radiation exposure on the human body, which can be detected in the air, in food, but also from artificial sources. Find out immediately in which objects radioactive radiation occurs.

  • Measure different interiors
  • areas in the outdoor area
  • Foods you don't trust

What objects can you measure?
We have collected ideas where you can measure radioactivity. The Geiger counter is not only an everyday device, but also a small experimental laboratory that makes science tangible and easier to understand.

  • Potash can be bought in many supermarkets around Christmas time for baking. Chemical name: potassium carbonate. Potassium consists of 0.012% of the radioactive isotope K-40. In total, potassium is responsible for 10% of the natural radiation dose in Germany.
  • Take a Geiger counter with you in your hand luggage when you fly. Cosmic radiation from space should also be measurable.

Individually adjustable alarm
Decide for yourself when a measurement alarm should be triggered.

The 7-day measurement method
Find out if the radiation changes over a whole week. With the 7-day long-term measurement of your Geiger counter, you can do this at the push of a button, because your data is stored directly in the device for that long. You can transfer the data from the internal memory card to your PC at any time or afterwards.

Practical display
Set up the Geiger counter with a fold-out stand and simply set up your personal test station on a table. Now you are better able to test and see the display clearly and sharply.

Just load
A built-in rechargeable battery makes operation easier for you. Simply charge your Geiger counter on your PC using the included 5V USB cable.

Scope of delivery:

Geiger counter, quick start guide, USB charging cable



Peso (g)
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Altezza (mm)
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001
Seben Geigerzähler JD-3001

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