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Lacerta BinoViewer 1,25"
Lacerta BinoViewer 1,25"
Lacerta BinoViewer 1,25"
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Seeing with two eyes provides a completely different picture than with just one eye. Relaxed, more plastic and richer in detail. In particular, the planets and lunar observation in a somewhat restless air wins very much, because the human brain can then crystallize out of the Gewabere much more details. Try it once - never want to miss it. We highly recommend it!

The housing of the Lacerta BinoViewer with the moving and supporting parts is made of solid metal, the anti-reflection coating on the prisms is of high quality and has the same quality on all surfaces. The Lacerta Bino approach does not even shy away from the comparison with the William Optics Binoviewer - which has long been considered one of the best bino approaches on the market.

  • Diopter separately adjustable
  • high transmission
  • well adjusted

Additionally required light path:

  • without light path 105mm
  • with 1.6 light path rector 40-45mm
  • with 2.5 light path rector 0-5mm

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