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Prodotto n.: 69975

Stazione meteo Funk-Wetterstation GAIA

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Descrizione prodotto

Wireless weather station GAIA 35.1083


  • Outside temperature and humidity via transmitter
  • Room climate with indoor temperature and humidity
  • Weather forecast with symbols, air pressure history
  • Programmable alarm conditions, storm warning
  • Radio clock with alarm and date, backlit display

Product description

How is the local weather developing today? With a look at the wireless weather station GAIA you are always fully informed. The clear display tells you lots of details about the local weather situation. The outside temperature and humidity on site are determined via a separate radio transmitter. In addition, an integrated electronic barometer measures the air pressure and displays an icon for the current weather; another symbol gives a forecast for the coming weather based on the changes in air pressure. The current air pressure is displayed as an absolute and relative value, the course of the last 24 hours can be observed on a bar chart and thus get a more precise picture of the weather development.

Temperature and humidity are displayed to control the room climate. With targeted heating and ventilation, you can create a pleasant and healthy living environment and even save on heating costs.

The weather station offers many additional functions and information. You can activate a storm warning, set alarm limits for many parameters, get maximum and minimum values with storage time and calculate the dew point.

The current time and date are received via the DCF 77 radio signal. A wake-up alarm always wakes you up at the right time.

With the backlight, the clear display can be read well even in the dark.


  • Wireless transmission of outside temperature and humidity via transmitter
  • Indoor temperature and humidity display
  • Maximum and minimum values with time and date of storage
  • Current weather and forecast icons
  • Air pressure trend, absolute and relative air pressure, graphical representation of the air pressure history of the last 24 hours.
  • Programmable alarm conditions for many parameters, e.g. temperature alarm, storm warning
  • dew point
  • Radio clock with alarm, snooze function and date display
  • backlight



Utilizzabile per
TFA Stazione meteo Funk-Wetterstation GAIA
TFA Stazione meteo Funk-Wetterstation GAIA
TFA Stazione meteo Funk-Wetterstation GAIA

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