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Prodotto n.: 72295

Kit Der Pendelquadrant

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Descrizione prodotto

The pendulum quadrant measures the elevation angles of stars , terrain points, buildings.

The quadrant is an astronomical instrument known since Babylonian antiquity. It uses a plumb line to show the angle between the lines of sight to a point aimed at, such as a star, and the horizon point directly below it. One then speaks of the height or elevation angle of this point or star. Thanks to a transversal division of the scale, the measurement is accurate to approx. 10 minutes of arc . It is equipped with a sounding tube and a handle . This simple device is the historical forerunner of the Jacob's staff and sextant.

How to measure: You determine any point in the sky (except the sun!) or in the landscape by aiming at the point through the tube. While doing so, hold the plumb line on the quadrant. Where the thread runs over the degree scale, you can read the angle.

Never aim directly at the sun! This can lead to irreparable damage to the eyes! If you still want to determine the height of the sun, you can do this as follows: Point the right end of the tube at the sun and hold the other close to an inclined surface that catches the shadow of the quadrant, eg your palm. Then rotate the quadrant until its shadow becomes a line and the sun can shine freely through the sounding tube. Now the plumb on the degree scale indicates the angular altitude of the sun.

  • Printed cardboard sheet to cut out and assemble (DIN A4)
  • with detailed assembly instructions
  • Finished Item Size: Approx. 20cm x 20cm


AstroMedia Kit Der Pendelquadrant
AstroMedia Kit Der Pendelquadrant
AstroMedia Kit Der Pendelquadrant

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