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Microscopi > Lenti d`Ingrandimento > Lenti di ingrandimento per postazioni di lavoro con illuminazione > Schweizer > Schweizer Lente d`Ingrandimento Lupenleuchte Tech-Line LED 2700K, 2x, Ø120 bikonvex
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Lente d`Ingrandimento Lupenleuchte Tech-Line LED 2700K, 2x, Ø120 bikonvex

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Descrizione prodotto

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Tech-Line is synonymous with technically sophisticated products that meet the requirements for high-quality optics, ergonomic handling and robust materials suitable for daily use. Tested professional quality since 1840 – made in Germany.

  • Aplanatic silicate glass optics: scratchresistant, d istortion-free, high-contrast images, extended depth of field
  • Continuous product innovations such as our new inductive charging technology for illuminated hand magnifiers
  • Modern, energy-saving and extremely durable high-performance SMD LEDs in 3 light temperatures
  • Housing with 2-component coating: robust, resistant to shock, hand perspiration, solvents and chemicals
  • Ergonomic and modern design

Our popular Tech Line magnifier lamps have been further upgraded, now featuring state-of-the-art LED lighting. They are available in a choice of three light temperatures and can thus be individually adjusted to the relevant test object. Tech-Line magnifier lamps feature the largest semirimless silicate glass lenses (202 mm diameter), ensuring a high depth of field.

Tech-Line LED magnifier lamp

  • Our Tech-Line series features scratch-resistant glass lenses open to the front, which allows for a very comfortable work posture. Unlike versions with ring lighting, the field of view is not limited by the rim of the magnification head. Peripheral orientation is also no problem since it is easy to see past the lens.
  • High-contrast, scratch-resistant silicate glass optics with high depth of field, available in lens diameters of 120 mm and 202 mm
  • High-performance SMD LEDs provide bright, high-contrast illumination of the working area at minimal energy consumption Choice of
  • 3 light temperatures (warm white – 2700 K, neutral white – 4500 K and cool white – 6500 K)
  • 2-piece coated aluminium arm with, adjustable plastic joints and a spring balancing mechanism (action radius of approx. 1 m) Angled LED lighting in the 202 mm diameter model creates modelling shadows making it easier, for example, to identify scratches or cracks on surface structures Lenses optionally available with or without bifocal optics

Tech-Line LED

  • Magnification: 2x
  • Diameter lens: Ø120 mm
  • plan, convex



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Lenti d`Ingrandimento
Schweizer Lente d`Ingrandimento Lupenleuchte Tech-Line LED 2700K, 2x, Ø120 bikonvex

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