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Springer Libro Modern Mysteries of the Moon

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What We Still Don’t Know About Our Lunar Companion

There are still many questions that remain about the Moon, which this book examines. From concentric craters to lunar swirls, water vapor and lunar reverberations on impact, Foster collects it all for a fascinating tour that will illuminate the backyard observer's understanding of this easily viewed, yet also imperfectly understood, celestial object. Data from Apollo and a flotilla of unmanned Moon orbiters, crashers, and landers have all contributed to our understanding of the Moon, but these mysteries linger despite decades of research.

When Project Apollo brought back lunar rocks and soil samples, it opened a new chapter of understanding Earth's lone natural satellite, a process that continues to this day, as old results are revisited and new techniques are used on existing samples. Topics such as the origin, evolution, structure and composition of the Moon, however, are still under debate.

Lunar research is still an active field of study. New technologies make it possible to continue to learn. But even so, the Moon continues to hold tight to some of its oldest and most cherished secrets. Foster examines many of the most interesting puzzles and what has been revealed by exploring them – as well as what questions remain.

Table of Contents:

  • The Great Moon Hoax
  • How the Moon Formed
  • Observing the Moon and Its Mystery Spots
  • Water, Water Everywhere
  • Shake and Quake Riddles
  • Waiter, There’s Metal in My Moon Water!
  • Strange Phenomena
  • Surprising Discoveries
  • More Moon Mysteries

The author Vince Foster has been an amateur astronomer for over 50 years.

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