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Willmann-Bell Libro Engineering, Design and Construction of String Telescopes

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Willmann-Bell Libro Engineering, Design and Construction of String Telescopes
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Portability today is important for almost every deep-sky observer. Seldom do we have a home observatory with dark skies. We have the night sky's splendors. Weight, ease of setup, steadiness and observers become critical in the sense of being enjoyable and sustainable.

Prior to this book did not exist. Learn how to

  • distinguish between the two classes of string telescope substructures
  • predictions of complete telescope optical assemblies and select the appropriate configuration of struts and guy wires (strings) for your project
  • Construct, evaluate, and correct tension guy wires made of steel cables or bowstring yarn
  • measure and analyze the vibrations of any telescope structure

Building a telescope using flexible structural elements is generally more ambitious than one employing only rigid struts. Readers can tackle the project with confidence, knowing that the author has fully explained the underlying science and engineering of string telescopes. The answers to the most probing technical questions can be found here. Yet, little or no technical training is required to build a satisfying instrument. Reader can base their telescope on one of the two successful examples. Their lengthy chapters, profuse with drawings and images, and extensive construction detail, wants to lead you through the steps required to build an attractive telescope that meets exacting goals.

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The interactive Excel spreadsheets help you predict results quickly and easily

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