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Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Watercolor Retro L

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Questo prodotto è disponibile nelle seguenti varianti:
Tipo Prezzo
Colonial $ 22,90
Old School $ 30,90
Retro $ 22,90
Terracotta $ 22,90
Tropical $ 22,90
vintage $ 22,90

Descrizione prodotto

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Woody map Watercolor Political World Map in Vintage Design

The classic political world map, now in cork version. With this map you can give any room a vintage and retro touch, which will make your guests feel like some 19th-century explorers. This unique map is longing to be hung in the most privileged spot of your home.

In opposition to the classical world map "Natural", the Woody Maps Watercolor is made in a much nobler digital printing design. More colors are applied on the cork material directly in their manufactory in Barcelona, Spain. Pick one out of four designs: Retro, Vintage, Terracotta or Old School!

Each design is developed to stand out the crowd but at the same time fit well into every home.

Retro: typical colours of the 70ies - funky!

Terracotta: nomen est omen! The card map was held in terracotta and rich green colors.

Old School: done on old, Shabby chic with a pastel colorful world map.

Colonial: typical colors with frame for easy searching for countries.

Tropical: bright and colorful design.

Learn in the funniest way, exploring!

Thanks to these so colorful educational maps, it will be much easier to learn the countries and territories of Earth. This map is the best gift for yourself or for beloved ones to learn geography without losing the didactic part of being able to locate and mark all the places you want. Exploring the corners of Earth has never been so fun.


  • World map Watercolor without frame
  • Material: Natural cork and digital printing design
  • Included: 10 green pins, 10 red pins
  • Packed in a cardboard box
  • You can hang it using 8 small nails that you find in the box. You can also stick it with double – sided tape

Dimensions :

  • L: 60 x 45 x 0,4 cm
  • XL: 90 x 60 x 0,4 cm

Please find additional flags to pin on your map in section "recommended accessories".



Larghezza (cm)
Altezza (cm)
Il mondo centrato sull'Europa




Mappa design
Carta 3D

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Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Watercolor Retro L
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Watercolor Retro L
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Watercolor Retro L
Miss Wood Mappa del Mondo Woody Map Watercolor Retro L

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