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TS Optics Eyepiece and accessory case (small)

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TS Optics Eyepiece and accessory case (small)
TS Optics Eyepiece and accessory case (small)
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Descrizione prodotto:

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TS Optics 8-part eyepiece and accessory set in a high-quality metal case

The TS Optics Eyepiece Case is a collection of useful and important accessories for almost every telescope. The set consists of 8 frequently needed parts in a sturdy metal case. The individual accessories are not randomly diced, but carefully selected, they are compatible with all standard telescopes. The accessory set consists of:

3 x TS Optics Plössl - for optimum image sharpness and brightness: The TS Plössl offer the best possible transmission, contrast and TOP sharpness on the axis! Of course, the TS Optics Plössls also have the standard 1.25 "filter thread!

  • 32mm TS Plössl: maximum field - a very nice overview eyepiece
  • 12,5mm TS Plössl: a good all-rounder
  • 6mm TS Plössl: a very nice lunar and planetary eyepiece

TS Optics 2x Barlow Lens: The TS Optics 2x Barlow Lens is a high quality lens that doubles the magnification. It is simply inserted between the focuser and the eyepiece.

4x color filters for observing planets: color filters can mean the difference between seeing and not seeing! In the TS Optics eyepiece case we have included the most important color filters:

  • pale yellow: for the moon, Mars, comets. Reduces the color error of lens telescopes
  • light blue: Strengthens the contrast in the cloud bands of Jupiter. Also for the Venus.
  • bright red: moon, polar ice caps of Mars, Venus observation during the day
  • green: Strengthens the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, white spots in the Saturnian atmosphere.

And the suitcase itself does not have to hide: a high-quality and impact-resistant aluminum case. The interior insert made of foam consists of recesses, so you can also accommodate other accessories. The aluminum case is also ideal for transport. The valuable accessories remain protected. Outside dimensions of the suitcase: 26.5 x 15 x 7.5 cm


  • 1 suitcase
  • 3 plösslokulare
  • 1 Barlow lens
  • 4 color filters

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