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Mondkarte 260

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Descrizione prodotto

The Moon is Earth's closest neighbor and certainly the easiest target to find in the night sky. Exciting to watch, it will surprise you with its numerous features and amazing details. The moon's surface is perfectly observable in large and small telescopes, as well as binoculars. So why not spend some time exploring our nearest neighbor with the Meade Moon Map 260 ?

The Moon Map is easy to use: first locate the lunar feature on the map that you wish to observe and write down the reference number closest to it. Then look up the reference number in the index table. The table is organized roughly sequentially from north to south (top to bottom). Alternatively, you can first look up the feature in the index table and then find its reference number on the map. That was it!

The Meade Moon Map 260 includes over 260 lunar surface features including craters, mountain ranges, valleys, gullies, "seas" and more. Each feature is described in the lunar chart tables with its official name, size and a brief description. In addition to lunar landscape features, all landing sites of spacecraft such as the US Apollo, Surveyor and Ranger probe missions, as well as the Soviet Luna probe missions are entered on the map.

Designed for use with all types of telescopes and binoculars, the Moon Map provides moon images showing a correct view (right side up) and an inverted (mirrored) image, so what you see through the telescope or binoculars , matches what you see on the map.

The Moon Map is protected from dew, dirt and liquids with a durable laminated plastic coating . It measures 65cm x 28cm when unfolded and reduces to a very portable size of 21.6cm x 28cm when folded.

The Meade Moon Map 260 is the ideal companion to help navigate all of the impressive lunar features. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or just starting out in this hobby, the moon map can provide you with a perfect orientation when exploring our nearest and brightest neighbor!



Lunghezza (cm)
27,94 (zusammengeklappt)
Larghezza (cm)
21,59 (zusammengeklappt)
Meade Mondkarte 260
Meade Mondkarte 260
Meade Mondkarte 260

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