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Springer Libro Grab 'n' Go Astronomy

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Descrizione prodotto:

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Written for any amateur astronomer who wants to "grab and go" with a small portable telescope

Like everyone else, most amateur astronomers live busy lives. After a long day, the last thing you want as an observer is to have to lug out a large telescope and spend an hour getting it ready before it can be used. Maybe you are going somewhere sure to have dark skies, but you don’t necessarily want astronomy to dominate the trip. Or you are not quite committed to owning a large telescope, but curious enough to see what a smaller, portable setup can accomplish. These are times when a small “grab ’n’ go” telescope, or even a pair of binoculars, is the ideal instrument. And this book can guide you in choosing and best utilizing that equipment.

What makes a telescope fall into the “grab ’n’ go” category? That’s easy – speed of setting up, ease of use, and above all, portability. This ambitious text is dedicated to those who love to or – because of their limited time – must observe the sky at a moment’s notice. Whether observing from the comfort of a backyard or while on business or vacation far from home, everything you need to know is here. So get started!!

Table of contents:

  • Part I: Grab ‘n’ Go Equipment.- Grab ‘n’ Go Refractors.- Grab ‘n’ Go Dobsonians.- Grab ‘n’ Go Catadioptrics.- The Binocular Universe.- Grab ‘n’ Go Mounts.- Ancillary Equipment for Small Telescopes
  • Part II: Grab ‘n’ Go Observing.- Sol Invictus.- Lunar and Planetary Observing.- Double Star Observing.- Observing Open and Globular Clusters.- Realm of the Nebulae.- Variable Star Observing.- Observing Galaxies

The author Dr. Neil English has a BSc in Physics and Astronomy, and also a PhD in Biochemistry. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a regular contributor to Astronomy Now, as well as to Ireland's Astronomy & Space.

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