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Springer Libro Stories of Astronomers and Their Stars

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Produttore: Springer

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Descrizione prodotto:

  • Chronicles the lives of influential pioneers in astronomy and their study of the stars
  • Includes supplementary resources for direct observation of mentioned stars
  • Provides an introduction to spectroscopy

This book recounts the stories of the astronomical pioneers who forever changed our views of the cosmos. The chapters delve into their fascinating lives over the centuries, showing how these pivotal minds built upon the work of their predecessors and unlocked the unique properties of specific stars.

From ancient astronomy to modern imaging and spectroscopy, each tale at once showcases the pace of scientific discovery and the shared passions that drove these starwatchers. Accompanying the stories are a plethora of constellation and finder charts, stellar coordinates and directions, and suggestions for viewing specific stars, all of which are visible to the naked eye or through a small telescope.

In addition, the histories on specific star names and designations are given, along with an overview of the most popular catalogues and online databases that readers can use for reference.

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