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Springer Libro The Vixen Star Book User Guide

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Descrizione prodotto:

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How to Use the StarBook Ten and the Original StarBook

This book is for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning, a Vixen Star Book Ten telescope mount or its predecessor. A revolution in amateur astronomy has occurred in the past decade with the wide availability of high tech, computer-driven, GoTo-telescopes. Vixen Optics is leading the way by offering the Star Book Ten system, with its unique star map graphics software. The Star Book Ten is the latest version of computer telescope control using star map graphics as a user interface, first introduced in the original Star Book first offered in 2003.

The increasingly complicated nature of this software means that learning to optimize this program is not straightforward, and yet the resulting views when all features are correctly deployed can be phenomenal.

After a short history of computerized Go-To telescopes for the consumer amateur astronomer market, Chen offers a treasury of technical information. His advice, tips, and solutions aid the user in getting the most out of the Star Book Ten system in observing sessions.

Table of Contents:

  • Brief History of Vixen Computerized Telescope Mounts for Amateurs
  • Backyard Astronomy Basics
  • Introduction to the Star Book-TEN
  • Basic Operation of the Star Book-TEN
  • Learned Lessons in Using the Star Book-TEN
  • Introduction to the Original Star Book
  • Basic Operation of the Star Book
  • Learned Lessons in Using the Star Book
  • Notes on the Star Book-One and Star Book-S systems
  • Accessories for Vixen Mounts
  • Mounting Other Optical Tubes on the Vixen Mounts
  • Maintenance and Care of the Star Book mounts

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