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Thermacell Mückenabwehr Proactive MR-300 oliv

Prodotto n.: 70827
Produttore: Thermacell

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Descrizione prodotto:

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THERMACELL Proactive mosquito repellent

The Thermacell® Proactive mosquito repellent is a compact hand-held device which can be used flexibly outdoors, and quickly creates an approx. 20 m² protection zone against mosquitoes/midges and the Asian tiger mosquito. The operating principle of Thermacell® devices is based on the evaporation of an active substance by heating a repellent mat, without an open flame or unpleasant odour. Thermacell stands for an intelligent mosquito repellent that is easy to use, and which makes mosquito sprays and lotions superfluous.

The Proactive mosquito repellent is ideal for use on the move, such as at the lake, camping, fishing or hunting. Included with the hand-held device is a gas cartridge (for 12 hours) and three repellent mats, each lasting for four hours.

Refill packs are available to buy, and are compatible with all Thermacell products.

  • The Thermacell Proactive mosquito repellent protects against annoying mosquitoes in the open air in an effective and innovative way and makes lotions and creams superfluous
  • Thermacell works quickly and is long-lasting - the active ingredients provide a ca. 20m² protection zone which mosquitoes cannot penetrate
  • Thermacell ensures a relaxing time without annoying mosquitoes in the garden, on the terrace, the balcony or during outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hunting
  • Thermacell is silent and odour-free. The handy Proactive model is particularly suitable for outdoor activities, at the lake or camp site, as well as fishing or hunting.
  • Including repellent mats and gas cartridge

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