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Optec FocusLynx Steuerungsmodul

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Optec FocusLynx Steuerungsmodul
Optec FocusLynx Steuerungsmodul
Optec FocusLynx Steuerungsmodul
Optec FocusLynx Steuerungsmodul
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Optec combines a modern and powerful control unit with a useful power supply system in one housing.

You can control the module remotely with any smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac . The USB ports built into the aluminum housing allow various devices and accessories to be connected.

Astrophotographers are familiar with the problem: mount, camera, autoguider, filter wheels, heating tapes, PC and power supply ... all of this has to be connected correctly, results in a huge cable tangle and is difficult to control. With this module, Optec provides a compact PC that can be mounted on any equipment. The unit has serial and USB connections , so that any accessories, such as the cooled astro camera or the autoguider, can be connected. Optec FocusLynx is a fully fledged computer that can be controlled via ASCOM .

The delivery includes a 180cm long serial cable, a 180cm long CAT-5e / CAT-6 Ethernet cable, a 12V power supply and a power plug.

The mount, camera cooling and heating tapes therefore connect directly to this box. A sophisticated management system gives you full control. For example, you can regulate the voltage of three of the outputs between 0V and 12V (ideal for heating tapes). All these connection options allow you to install the entire equipment once and to connect it with optimal cable management.

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