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Mastro-Tec messa a punto di precisione della testa equatoriale Celestron De Luxe 8"

Prodotto n.: 11674
Produttore: Mastro-Tec

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Descrizione prodotto:

Notare che questa descrizione prodotto è una traduzione automatica. Per maggiori informazioni contattare il nostro servizio clienti di lingua inglese.

All bearings of the shafts to be revised on the most accurate. This means that they are stored gleit in brass / bronze. When turning the dials thus uses an immediate movement to the changing direction. Even when changing the direction of rotation is only a low backlash to detect, which is also barely noticeable. The setting can now be carried out with two fingers on the wheel clean sliding.
No more rough play between casting and shaft. Use is excellent (in small amounts) high performance grease which is suitable for all climatic conditions in astronomy.

High-precision revision and the best materials to guarantee great pleasure in photographing and observing. From a series product is a precision instrument for high performance.

The factory thrust bearing of the right ascension is also replaced with an exact unit. Due to the built by us brass spindle M14 and thus guided solid aluminum bearing block as an abutment, a virtually backlash-free movement of the right ascension axis is possible. The Vor.- and backward movement of the bearing block, due Rektaszensionsrotation is not simply guided by a pin, but by a tight-Watched ball bearings which has as much game that it can just move freely.

The factory open the cage Wedge has that again when locking the tilt plate is carried the disadvantage of a default setting. The big game between the cheek and tilt plate is the problem. Again, we are working, take out the game and put a 3 anodized aluminum shafts between the cheeks. This means that once the cage is now open to closed and the decay time is significantly reduced.

Almost all of the materials we use are stainless and can therefore handle all weather conditions. Each wedge is different and vary the mass. Thus, each tuning something special and thus an individual processing. Not only the wedge shown here can be tuned. Any Commercial wedge is revised in great detail. Please contact us and we agree straightforward approach each other from.

Please be ordering this tuning performance contact us.

Technical changes to the shooting details in the pictures remain constructive and improvement serving interests subject in mind.

Please note that here only acquired the rebuilding / tuning of a product, but not the product itself!

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