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TS Optics 2" 0,8x corrector for 102mm f/7 ED refractor

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TS Optics 2" 0,8x corrector for 102mm f/7 ED refractor
TS Optics 2" 0,8x corrector for 102mm f/7 ED refractor
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Descrizione prodotto:

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TS-Optics 2" corrector and focal length reducer for Astrophotography with 102mm f/7 ED refractors

This corrector is optimized for APO- and ED-Refractor telescopes with 100-102mm aperture and an f-ratio of f/7. It delivers very good results with these telescopes. Even with larger sensors the stars look sharp and round across the whole field.

The corrector is simply inserted into the 2" receptacle of the refractor and fixed. Since it does not have a safety notch tilting will not be a problem.

Distance from T2 thread to camera sensor: The backfocus from the camera-sided T2 thread to the sensor is exactly 55mm, when you use a 100mm or 102mm aperture and an f-ratio of f/7. If you want to connect a DSLR you will need the appropriate T2 ring.

Attachment of nebula filters for astrophotography: On the telescope-side the corrector offers a M48x0,75 - 2" filter thread. With it you can attach all customary nebula filters.

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