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Berlebach Testa 2 vie 553 con piastra di cambio

Prodotto n.: 49397
Produttore: Berlebach

$ 530,00

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Berlebach Testa 2 vie 553 con piastra di cambio
Berlebach Testa 2 vie 553 con piastra di cambio
Berlebach Testa 2 vie 553 con piastra di cambio
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Descrizione prodotto:

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This 2-way pan head allows panning in the horizontal and vertical axis. Both axles are individually lockable and suitable due to the friction setting of vertical panning even for amateur filmmakers.

  • The vertical swivel range is 90 ° in both directions, the lightweight and stiffness can be controlled via a friction setting. A bright anodized knob is located on the side of the fixing of the guide handle with which you can turn on a load-carrying spring. For camera weights above three kg, this function should be used in principle, so that the unintentional release of the guide handle the camera or spotting scope can not pitch forward or backward.
  • The Panhead is equipped as standard with the quick coupling model 150th It has two built-in bar dragonflies, which allows precise alignment of both axes. The quick coupling is removable and can be replaced against the quick coupling model 130 or the panorama plates P101 or P 103 (see accessories).
  • The quick couplings Model 130 and Model 150 can be screwed offset by 90 °, so that the pan head is also suitable for cameras with vertical angle. They are working in the dovetail profile (ArcaSwiss and UniQ / C-compatible) and have a safety pin, which prevents slipping out of the removable disk.
  • Supplied the removable disk belongs 050/57 mm.
  • The guide handle can be mounted either ambidextrous. With the included keys the retaining screw is loosened and inserted the guide handle of the other side and then tightened again.

The modular design of the Panhead, it is possible to upgrade these 2-way pan head with the help of the component vertical extension HF 3 to a 3-way pan head.

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