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Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12

Prodotto n.: 62892
Produttore: Omegon

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Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
Omegon Stativ-Kugelkopf Pro OM12
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Freedom in a flowing movement
Move the camera or spotting scope quickly from one place to another. That's not easy on a tripod. What if the bird on the branch right away again? After a long wait and infinite patience have no pictures - it should not be so. With the ball head OM12 you can move reliably, smoothly and quickly. But he is not just a simple tripod head: you can even rebuild it. For the observations and photos you want.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Alu ball head: Affordable professional ball head for stably mounted cameras and binoculars up to 6.5 kg
  • Fits everywhere: Acra Swiss profile and quick-release plate fits all Acra Swiss heads. Mount the ball head on each tripod with 3/8 ".
  • Spirit level and scales: This will give you panoramic and 360 ° photos
  • Simply convert: Use the base plate also on a prism rail: for example, for astrophotography
  • Gentle Run: The ball moves silently and evenly without jerking. The friction is infinitely adjustable. For best photos and observations that are just fun.

Fluid movement and stepless friction
It's wonderful when a ball head moves smoothly and fluidly. That's exactly what we want: move the camera quickly onto an object. The unique smooth running is an advantage that allows you fast and free movements.

Depending on your wishes, you can also infinitely adjust the friction, free and precise movements are also possible - and your ball head acts like a friction clutch, which you can adjust as desired.

Spirit level and panorama scale
Do you also love perfect photos? Or impressive panoramic shots? This is possible with:

  • A spirit level - A 360 ° azimuth scale
  • A scale in the head

For perfectly aligned photos or the right balance for your camera: This can be professional recordings succeed.

Rebuilding for many purposes

That rarely happens: You can rebuild this ball head. Take off the mounting profile and fix it to a prism rail, for example. Your tripod head will already become a camera mount for telescopes, astrophotography or other special purposes. The profile has a 3/8 "thread in the middle and 2 holes for M5 screws on the sides

  • 3/8 "thread
  • M5 holes spaced 41mm apart

More details:

  • Ball head made of anodised aluminum
  • Azimuth fixable with a screw
  • Tilt range -95 to +40 degrees
  • Mounting plate: 50x38mm Arca Swiss-Rail
  • Padded zipper pocket - 1/4 "to 3/8" adapter (1/4 "inside, 3/8" outside)

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