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Orion Optics UK Friktionsbremse für Orion UK Dobson Montierung

Prodotto n.: 66807
Produttore: Orion Optics UK

$ 70,00

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Descrizione prodotto:

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The Dobson telescopes from Orion UK can be easily balanced, because on the one hand the height gears are large and thus forgive imbalance. In addition, the devices can be moved in the holder to bring them into an optimal position.

With this friction brake, Orion UK offers an additional resistance setting. So even with the use of heavy accessories, there are practically no vibrations of the telescope - it sits stable in the height wheels and can be moved / fixed evenly.

Attention: Please order this optional friction brake when purchasing the Orion UK Dobson Rockerbox (item no. 66806) if you want to add it. Subsequent installation is not possible!

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