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Sticker Set Animals of the World

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Descrizione prodotto

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Miss Wood Sticker Set: Personalize your Woody world map (or any other world map that you like!)

Are you one of those travelers who knows the most important places in each country? Don't you miss a Free Tour? Do you love to try the best dishes of the country you are visiting? You don't have to say anything anymore, we have exactly what you need:

Four sets with 64 stickers of the best monuments in the world, the most delicious food, the most incredible animals and all the objects that will make your trip unique and unforgettable. The best collection of stickers to decorate your map with an original touch. What are you waiting for? What's your next adventure? Live it and, above all, make it unforgettable it with the best accessories for your maps.


  • Set of 64 stickers spread over four sheets (except the bulk pack which contains all four sets, 256 stickers!)
  • Each set comes with 64 pins
  • Dimensions of the sticker sides: 14,7cm x 9,6cm
  • Printed on high-quality, matte adhesive foil

You can choose from the following versions:

  • Food of the World: From Croissant, Pizza and Fondue to Pinxos and Paella
  • Monuments of the World: Acropolis, Big Ben, Brandenburg Gate and many more
  • Animals of the World: Gorilla, fox, elephant, kangaroo and giraffe - which animals have you seen?
  • Travelling the World: Sunglasses, flip-flops on a beach holiday, or more of a fishing rod and pocket knife in an outdoor adventure?
  • Pack Stickers: ALL 4 sets together!

A great selection of fun stickers to capture the right moments forever!



Nome della variante
Animals of the World



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Miss Wood Sticker Set Animals of the World
Miss Wood Sticker Set Animals of the World
Miss Wood Sticker Set Animals of the World
Miss Wood Sticker Set Animals of the World

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