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TS Optics Flangia inclinabile per collimazione focheggiatore

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Produttore: TS Optics

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TS Optics Flangia inclinabile per collimazione focheggiatore
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Adjusting for the focuser the GSO RC telescopes for 6 "and 8" opening

  • enables even finer adjustment of the GSO RC telescopes - costs only 15mm optical path!
  • allows the collimation of refractor lenses - for homebrewers
  • Threaded connection M90x1 inside / outside

Any conventional RC telescope allows independent adjustment of the main mirror cell, secondary mirror and focuser. At GSO but the main mirror cell and focuser are interconnected. If the primary mirror is adjusted, then the eyepiece adjusted automatically. The result is a minimal skew the focuser. The well-corrected field of RCs is not optimally utilized.

When is the adjusting sense and when not? When using DSLR cameras with the half-size chip or CCD cameras with chips up to 23mm diameter you will have no problems in the field. Also observations can be fully implemented. But if you use DSLR cameras with full-frame chips or high-resolution cameras with chips from approximately 23mm diameter, you will by the individual correction of the focuser notice an increase in the sharpness in the corners.

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