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Artesky Montatura AZ Belt 1

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Artesky Montatura AZ Belt 1
Artesky Montatura AZ Belt 1
Artesky Montatura AZ Belt 1
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Azimuthal mount with fine adjustment

The mount has a very favorable ratio of load capacity to dead weight . It is very well suited for observation but also for photography of the moon and nature. Unclamp the axles and they can reach any point on earth or in the sky via fast pans. Once you have set the target, fix the axles with the handy thumbscrews. With the fine adjustment, you can now place the subject exactly in the middle and compensate for slow movements, such as the movement of objects in the sky.

The mount has a flat bearing surface with a 3/8 "female thread at the base, so you can mount it to any good tripod.

On the instrument side, the mount has a flat bearing surface with M6 and M8 internal thread for the attachment of prism clamps (mounting saddle).

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