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Prodotto n.: 76699

Sky-Watcher Sucheradapterring

$ 32,90 IVA incl., più spese di spedizione
Il prodotto è disponibile a partire dal 01.05.2023 + Tempo di trasporto

Descrizione prodotto


  • Thread for 31.8mm (1.25") filters on the front
  • Thread for Sky-Watcher viewfinder M51x 0.75mm (male) on the front
  • 31.8mm sliders with 3 fiberglass thumbscrews set at a 120° angle to ensure optimal attachment without risk of damaging your camera
  • Made in France
  • Compatible with QHY5LII, QHY5LIII, Altair GPCAM, GPCAM2, SBIG ST-i, Lodestar, UltraStar, ZWO ASI 174 Mini, ZWO ASI 290 Mini and many more cameras

This adapter allows you to use your 31.8mm format guiding camera with your Sky Watcher viewfinder. You will then receive an electronic viewfinder and/or an ultra-compact guide scope.

The adapter is compatible with Sky-Watcher and Orion straight 8x50 or 9x50 finder scopes. It is also possible that it can be used with other comparable brands, eg Celestron. Once the ring is screwed onto the viewfinder, simply slip your camera into the adapter sleeve and focusing is then done with the viewfinder's focusing system at lens level. The position of the camera can also be adjusted to get the desired focus. The depth of the sensor in the camera may vary from model to model.

This ring enables focusing with all CMOS/guiding cameras with a 1.25" (31.8mm) barrel with the sensor placed up to 17.5mm from the edge of the camera (typically C and CS mount).

It is possible to use the viewfinder and camera set to automatically guide your mount with a very low weight! You can then effectively autoguide instruments or photo lenses up to a focal length of 800 to 1000mm (depending on the properties of the sensor).

A notice:

Some Celestron or Meade finderscopes are also compatible with this adapter ring. Before ordering, check which thread your viewfinder has!


  • In visual use (with eyepiece), it may happen that focusing is not possible.
  • If your camera has a T2 thread (ASI120MC, ASI224MC, etc.), you need a viewfinder adapter, for example to T2 thread AG0031.1, otherwise focusing is not possible


Pierro Astro Sky-Watcher Sucheradapterring
Pierro Astro Sky-Watcher Sucheradapterring

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