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DIGIPHOT Fotocamera H - 5000 W, WiFi-Kopf f. Digital - Mikroskop 5 MP f DM - 500015x - 365x

Prodotto n.: 55018
Produttore: DIGIPHOT

$ 418,00

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Descrizione prodotto:

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WiFi camera H-5000W

  • The latest-generation 5MP sensor ensures a high-quality, color-neutral and high-contrast reproduction of the object.
  • The built - in rechargeable battery allows operating times of up to 4.5 hours. Charging takes place via USB cable.
  • Data transfer is possible via WiFi as well as via USB cable .
  • Can be used with the 55006 base with 1 illumination and 55019 with 2 illumination modes


The software includes all the essential elements for processing image and text data.

  • including text recognition,
  • To draw, to paint,
  • Email Shipping
  • Taking pictures
  • video recordings
  • Creation of screenshots
  • Highlighting specific screen areas
  • Dimensioning (one time calibration)

In addition, there is a wide range of tools available in our program to help you work with the digital microscope. You can, for example, mark parts of the image, as well as juxtapose several images and examine them in parallel.

The program allows you a versatile and professional work, whether for hobby, education or profession.

The software runs on Windows ™ PCs, as well as smartphones and tablets with Android ™ operating systems. An app is also available for use with Apple ™ devices.

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