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Euromex Fotocamera CMEX-2f, 2.0 MP, USB2, P-Größe 2.8 µm, 1/2.9"

Prodotto n.: 65775
Produttore: Euromex

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Descrizione prodotto:

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The different USB-2 cameras with ImageFocus capture and analysis software are the perfect solution for today’s educational, laboratory and industrial microscopy needs. The cameras are suitable for Life Science and Materials Science microscopes as well as stereo microscopes

CMEX USB-2 camera with CMOS sensor

CMEX-f USB-2 cameras with fast CMOS sensor

The CMEX-2f, CMEX-5f and CMEX-12f are equipped with an extra fast CMOS sensor with 8 bits grayscale conversion and a 24 bits color rendering. The CMEX-f cameras are equipped with USB-2 data interface and supplied with ImageFocus Plus software Besides capturing of images and videos, the ImageFocus Plus software allows measurements on still and live images and annotations on captured images, stitching and stacking of images and more. Compatible with Windows 7 and higher both 32 and 64 bits configurations. A Mac version is available

CMEX-2f DC.2000f


Sensor CMOS 1/2.9 inch

Pixels 1920 x 1060 pixels, 2.0 Mpix

Scan mode Progressive, rolling shutter

Pixel size 2.8 µm x 2.8 µm

Filter RGB

Mount C-mount

Max fps Up to 30 frames per second (1920x 1080 pixels)

ADC 12 bits

Color depth 24 bits

Sensitivity 0.51 V/lux-sec @ 550 nm

Exposure Automatic or manual, from 1 ms to 2 s

White balance Automatic/manual

Dynamic range 72 db

Data interface USB 2.0 at 480 Mb/s

Operation 0 – 60° C, 10-85 % humidity

Supplied with 0.45x objective with C-mount, USB 2.0 cable, 30 and 30.5 mm adapters for stereo microscopes, 76 x 24 mm calibration slide, CD ROM with ImageFocus Plus software, carton box

Software Windows 7 and higher (32 and 64 bit configurations) and Mac OS

Product number DC.2000f

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