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Euromex Fotocamera HD-Autofocus, VC.3034, HDMI, 2 MP

Prodotto n.: 60716
Produttore: Euromex

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Euromex Fotocamera HD-Autofocus, VC.3034, HDMI, 2 MP
Euromex Fotocamera HD-Autofocus, VC.3034, HDMI, 2 MP
Euromex Fotocamera HD-Autofocus, VC.3034, HDMI, 2 MP
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Descrizione prodotto:

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HD-Autofocus, VC.3034, HDMI

The Euromex HD-Autofocus camera offers the perfect solution to modern microscopy for education, industry and laboratories where real time images are needed. The autofocus function eliminates the need of re-focusing when changing subjects or while scanning objects that are different in height. Ideal for all sorts of quality control set-ups! This HD image quality camera can be used for stereo, biological and metallurgical microscopes. Automatic focusing high definition HD1080p CMOS color camera with HDMI interface and on-screen measurement function. The real time images generated with this stand-alone camera provide excellent color rendering at high frame rates, up to 60 frames per second. The HD-Autofocus high definition camera is a stand-alone system, no need for computer (knowledge). With embedded mouse-driven software and measurement function. Images and videos are saved to included SD-Card.Camera is easily mounted into the eyepiece tube or on the trinocular port, using the included c-mount objective.


  • HD 1080p high definition video camera
  • Autofocus system
  • Real time images directly on TV, monitor or beamer (HDMI)
  • Stand alone system
  • Built-in mouse-driven software
  • C-mount interface
  • HDMI and SD memory card


  • Sensor SONY IMX185 2.0Mega Pixels CMOS
  • high sensitive sensor
  • Format 1/1.9”, HDTV 1080p (50/60Hz)
  • Pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels (capture mode)
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels (live view), HDMI 60 fps
  • Pixel size 3.75 x 3.75 um
  • Video 1080p pixels video recording mode
  • Scan mode Progressive scan, rolling shutter
  • Noise De-noise function supported
  • Senitivity 1120mv with 1/30s
  • Exposure Automatic/ manual
  • White balance Automatic/ manual
  • Dynamic range N/A
  • S/N Max N/A
  • Interfaces Digital HDMI
  • Storage High speed 16 GB SD Memory card
  • (larger capacity SD cards are optional)
  • Camera buttons On/ Off
  • Mounting C-mount interface
  • Power supply DC 12V/1A Adapter
  • Operation -10~ 50 ° Celsius, 30~80 % humidity
  • Storage temperature -20~ 60 70° Celsius, 10~60%RH
  • Measurement Supported


  • displayed on TV, no need for computer
  • Capture images and videos to SD
  • Playback images from SD
  • Measurements(like Angle, Line, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Annulus, Two Circles, Polygon, Curve, etc)
  • Compare images
  • Grids
  • Digital zoom in/out
  • Flip
  • Pause
  • Camera settings (white balance, color control etc)


  • 0.5x objective with C-mount
  • High speed 16 GB SD Memory card
  • USB 3 cable
  • 30 and 30.5mm adapter for stereo microscopes
  • 12V/1A power adapter, HDMI cable,
  • USB mouse
  • 76x24mm calibration slide (1mm/100),
  • carton box

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