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Euromex Fotocamera HD Ultra, VC.3036, color, CMOS, 1/2.8", 6 MP, HDMI

Prodotto n.: 51414
Produttore: Euromex

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Descrizione prodotto:

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HD-Ultra camera

The Euromex HD-Ultra camera offer the perfect solution to modern microscopy for industry and laboratories where real time images are needed. These HD image quality camera can be used for biological, metallurgical or stereo microscopes. High definition HD1080p CMOS color camera with HDMI and USB-2 interface. The real time images generated with this standalone camera provide excellent color rendering at high frame rates, up to 60 frames per second. The HD-Ultra high definition camera can be used in two modes, in a stand-alone with its embedded mouse-driven software or in a computer controlled mode.


• HD 1080p high definition color camera

• Real time images directly on TV,monitor or beamer

• Stand alone or used via PC

• Built-in mouse-driven software

• C-mount interface

• HDMI, USB-2 and SD memory card

• Compatible with ImageFocus Plus software

• Available with 11.6” HD screen (VC.3036-HDS)


Sensor HDMI 6.0 Mega pixels CMOS high sensitive sensor (Sony)

Format 1/2.8 inch, HDTV 1080p (50/60 Hz)

Pixels 3264 x 1836 pixels (capture mode) 1920 x 1080 pixels (live view)

HDMI 60 fps, USB 30 fps

Video 1080p pixels video recording mode

Scan mode Progressive scan

Pixel size 2.8 µm x 2.8 µm

Noise 3D Noise Reduction function

Sensitivity 510 mV

White balance Automatic/manual

Dynamic range 69 db S/N max 55 db

Interfaces Digital HDMI, USB 2

Storage Standard high speed 16 Gb SD memory card or USB-2

Camera buttons On/Off

Mounting C-mount interface

Power supply External main adapter 100-240 Vac to 12 Vdc/2A

Operation 0 – 60° C, 45-85 % humidity

Storage temperature -20 to 70° Celsius

Supplied with

  • HDMI cable
  • USB 2 cable
  • 12Vdc/2A power supply
  • high speed 16 Gb SD card
  • USB-2 mouse.
  • 0.37x objective
  • Built-in mouse-driven software for image capturing-1080p HD video recording -image comparison - browsing of captures images and videos.
  • Standardly supplied with stage micrometer 1 mm divided in 100 parts, 10 µm per division


(displayed on TV, no need for computer)

· Capture images and videos to SD

· Playback images and videos from SD

· Measurements (like Angle, Line, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Rectangle,

Circle, Ellipse, Annulus, Two Circles, Polygon, Curve, etc)

· Compare images

· Grids

· Digital zoom in/out

· Flip

· Pause

· Camera settings (white balance, color control etc.)

Compatibility Suitable with ImageFocus Plus software,

Windows 7 and higher and Capture software


Product number VC.3036 / VC.3036-HDS

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