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noctutec collimatore elettronico OCAL

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Descrizione prodotto:

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Ocal electronic collimator- the new, completely revolutionary telescope collimator!

The all-new and revolutionary collimator for your telescope. Ideal for the collimation of short focal length astrophotography optical systems, and highly sensitive cameras with extremely small pixels. These systems require very precise telescope alignment.
The Ocal collimator is an innovative tool that facilitates alignment in a completely new way.
Every Ocal collimator has an internal motor that moves the chip linearly. The software can be used to accurately adjust the focus during the individual alignment steps. You can align every element of the telescope without affecting the set-up or the imaging chain. Coloured centring circles can be selected and adjusted using the accompanying software. The software also controls the thickness of the circles' outline as well as the contrast and exposure of the live recording. Finally, a crosshair can be activated and rotated by the software. Thus, all the elements that require collimation can be focused and concentrically, and very precisely, aligned. The crosshair can also be used to assess the exact linear orientation of the secondary mirror spider.

Every collimator is checked by our supplier before delivery, after which, each OCAL receives an inspection seal. Please do not remove this seal!

Please note: you can download the latest OCAL software from the manufacturer's website.

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