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Gemini Pulsar ASCOM GoTo Controller

Prodotto n.: 57400
Produttore: Gemini

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Gemini Pulsar ASCOM GoTo Controller
Gemini Pulsar ASCOM GoTo Controller
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

PULSAR is a unique ASCOM compatible GoTo Controller. This second version retains all the key features of its predecessor but adds a host of new valuable functions making it especially suitable for remote control.

What is new in Pulsar2?

  • Pulsar2 accepts servos or steppers
  • Input 12-18VDC, output 2×4 A
  • Independent incremental encoders can be added
  • Connects to the PC via USB, Serial or LAN ports
  • Allows direct access from the internet (Internal web server)
  • Has much more memory for databases
  • Steppers are driven in 2 speed dependent modes, ensuring silent and silky smooth tracking AND high goto speeds. Uses 8bit microstepping
  • AAG Cloud watcher compatible direct parking via the AUX port
  • It has a foolproof initializing menu to help setting DEC motor rotation and finding the reference star.
  • Supports friction drives, calculates the total reduction automatically
  • Upgrading the firmware takes 20 seconds and all user settings in the menu are protected.

The NEW Hand Controller features an internal GPS, large display and graphic aid for initializing the mount. Information like the active speed (goto, guide or other), tracking mode (sideral, lunar, planet, custom, etc), low voltage are always visible. Date and time are also shown. Time and latitude and longitude are updated every time Pulsar2 is switched on. The joystick works fast and reliably. The red maplight function has migrated to button 7. This hand controller works with (hw2.2) Pulsar2 only.

GoTo Controllers for german and fork mounts? Can I use PULSAR? Besides Gemini mounts, Pulsar2 can drive your EQ6, GPDX, EM200, G11, and more, with the suitable (stepper)motor kits. Pulsar2′s unique feature, the 8 bit microstep allows you to use very low total gear ratios (down to 180) which result in very smooth periodic error. It will also drive your DIY mount, Fork, German or AltAz.

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