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Questo prodotto non è più in magazzino e pertanto non può essere acquistato fino ad ulteriore avviso.

Manfrotto Compact Advanced set treppiede fotografico, nero
Manfrotto Compact Advanced set treppiede fotografico, nero
Manfrotto Compact Advanced set treppiede fotografico, nero
Descrizione prodotto
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

The Compact Advanced has an original folding 3-way panhead which offers exceptional stability and accuracy when setting the visual field. This tripod is especially suited to experienced photography enthusiasts with entry-level DSLR cameras and standard zoom lenses up to 200mm. This 3-way panhead has two independent, ergonomic levers. One lever controls both the pivot and tilt movements, the other lever is used for levelling. Thanks to this lever, you can control each movement independently of the others and create perfectly justified images. When designing this head, particular attention was paid to creating a compact product with good transportability. A unique mechanism allows the lever to be folded in for easier, more comfortable tripod transportation. Thanks to the powerful 3-way panhead and the 5 reinforced tripod leg segments, the Compact Advanced is the optimal solution when it comes to rigidity and can be extended to a maximum height of 165cm.

Compatibility - The Compact Advanced is designed for entry-level DSLR cameras with standard zoom lenses up to 200mm, but is suitable for all other devices up to 3.0kg. Please be aware that a range of semi-professional and professional equipment exceed these requirements.

If you have a Sony Nex 5R/5T, you have probably noticed that the surface area around the tripod thread is very small on these models. For this reason, a special adapter to increase the surface area on these special cameras and, therefore, increase their stability on the tripod comes with every Compact.

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