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Please note: This text is taken directly from the manufacturer.
For something more than casual you need a tripod that's very stable, strong enough to get some serious abuse, and still move with fluid smoothness. Reflector telescope, Apex 90, 102 and 127 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes, GrandView and Arcadia spotting scopes, and Resolux and GiantView binoculars. The Orion HD-F2 Paragon Tripod is almost exclusively made of aluminum, making it stronger at key stress points where other tripods fail. It features large, adjustable aluminum legs with robust lock levers for convenient setup and takedown. Each leg features graduated reference etchings so you can quickly and easily extend each other to the same length - a great time when trying to setup gear in a hurry. The legs are tri-braced to the center for extra stability. The tripod is tall when fully extended, putting binoculars easily at eye level for most people.

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