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Astro-Physics Montatura 1600 GTO

Prodotto n.: 60840
Produttore: Astro-Physics

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Astro-Physics Montatura 1600 GTO
Astro-Physics Montatura 1600 GTO
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Parallactic Observation Mount with Servo Motors and CP4 Control Box (keypad optional), recommended for refractors up to 250 millimeters and RC optics from 18 "to 20" opening.

The GTO-1600 succeeds the now legendary GTO-1200 from Astro-Physics. It was voted "Hot Product" of the year in 2013 by Sky & Telescope . In 2017, the new CTOCP4 engine control system was also voted "Hot Product" of the year.

For more than 30 years, Astro-Physics engineers have had the technical know-how needed to design and produce mounts with maximum payload, high-precision tracking and GoTo performance while maintaining low dead weight.

After more than 12 years of successful production of the GTO-1200, the engineers at Astro-Physics found that the time was ripe for an improved and more sustainable successor to the GTO-1200 - the result: the GTO 1600.

As with the GTO-1200, the GTO 1600 pole block with RA axis and DE axle block can be divided to make it easier to set up and transport. The connection is made via a CNC milled dovetail guide. The RA block weighs 29 kilograms and the DEC block 18 kilograms. The GTO-1600 is designed for a stationary installation.

The most important innovation is the autocompensated engine gear box : Astro-Physics has radically revised and redesigned the drive technology of the mounts. For example, all Astro-Physics mounts - including the GTO-1600 - use so-called autocompensated engine gearboxes on both the RA and DEC axles. These offer great advantages for astrophotography as well as for visual observation.

Also backlash problems (backlash) are largely a thing of the past . When adjusting with tension / compression screws, the problem was always to find the optimum setting. If the distance between the worm and the worm wheel is too large, the backlash is much too high, if the distance is too small, there is a risk of blocking the drive, for example when the temperature fluctuates. Due to the new construction, the worm and the Schneckerad are always in optimal engagement.

In order to prevent damage to the drives during transport, the complete motor / screw block can be completely decoupled via a small lever and just as easily re-coupled after transport.

Even after years - and even with very intensive use - the drive worm always presses optimally into the worm wheel in the event of material wear. In addition, new steel alloys with extremely low wear are used for screw production - not unimportant for automated observations, where the telescope is often swung back and forth at high speeds in GoTo operation.

The periodicity error (PE) EVERY drive worm is measured before delivery of the mount with the PemPro software and the resulting compensation stored in the CPC control box so that the PEC function ( Periodic error compensation ) is immediately available to you as an observer , 90% of the run-out is compensated - not unimportant for photographic observations with shorter exposure times WITHOUT Guiding.

GTO Servo Drive System Specifications:

  • Swiss DC servo motors in closed aluminum enclosures with high torque
  • Motor encoder with 2000 steps per revolution, gives an effective resolution of 0.05 arc seconds per step.
  • Motor reduction gear 57.6: 1 with fine-toothed precision gears with large diameters for high power transmission
  • Periodic error: 5 arc seconds peak-to-peak (+/- 2.5 arcseconds) or less in one screw revolution (6.4 minutes) before each error correction (PEC)
  • Maximum positioning speed: 5 degrees / second (1200 times tracking speed)


  • Pole block with RA / DE Achskreuz
  • GTO servomotors control box
  • Stainless steel counterweight rod with locking screw
  • RA / DE Y cable to connect GTO control box to the drive motors
  • Power cable set for GTO-CP4, incl. 1.8m (6 ') cable with PowerPole connector, 45cm (18 ") cable with cigarette lighter plug and 45cm (18") cable with ring cable lug (power supply mode)
  • 4.5m (15 ') serial extension cable
  • 1 / 4-20 inch knurled screw set
  • Inch hex key set
  • CD with PEMPro v2 software and PulseGuide software by Ray Gralak, Sirius Imaging, and PDF manual for GTO-1600 and GTO Keypad
  • Warranty / Registration Card
  • ASCOM driver (available in the download)

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