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iOptron Montatura GEM45G GoTo LiteRoc

Prodotto n.: 67346
Produttore: iOptron

$ 3.200,00

IVA incl.
Questo prodotto è disponibile nelle seguenti varianti:
Autoguiding Prezzo
iGuider $ 3.200,00
no $ 2.740,00
iOptron Montatura GEM45G GoTo LiteRoc
iOptron Montatura GEM45G GoTo LiteRoc
iOptron Montatura GEM45G GoTo LiteRoc
iOptron Montatura GEM45G GoTo LiteRoc
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

Innovative ideas applied to a time tested design, the iOptron® GEM45 next generation German equatorial mounts. A sharp looking CNC body is the first indicator the GEM45 is a top quality mount in both form and function.

  • Utilizing experiences gained during development of the CEM series, iOptron were able to remove unnecessary bulk giving the GEM45 an incredible 2.8 payload to mount weight ratio. This compact 15.8lb mount can precisely GOTO an object and track with up to 45lbs of gear onboard.
  • With its integrated electronic polar scope (iPolar), polar alignment is a snap, even when the pole star is obscured.
  • Large levers on the quick-lock drive engagement system make it easy to snap its drive gears into place even when wearing gloves. There is little chance of your cables getting snagged with the GEM45's internal advanced cable management system.
  • A new, patent pending Universal Self-Centering Saddle (USCS) accommodates Losmandy and Vixen style dovetail plates.
  • GEM45 mounts utilize reliable stepper motor drive systems with low power consumption technology.
  • A 212,000+ object library with star identification, GPS, optional Wi-Fi (requires iStarFi adapter) are a few of the desirable features standard on a GEM45 mount.

Please note: This mount is available in two variants. The mount with G in the designation also has an autoguider integrated into the mount head, the new iGuider from iOptron! So with this variant of the mount, a separate autoguider solution is no longer necessary!

The variant without iGuider can be equipped with an external solution for tracking control. Such tracking controls are only necessary for astrophotography with long exposure times.

The mount comes with the LiteRoc 1.75" tripod delivers rock solid stability in a lighter, more compact package. It also has improved leg cuffs and sockets for more rigidity and redesigned leg lock levers.

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