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Vixen Montatura Sphinx SXD2 Starbook Ten GoTo

Prodotto n.: 44258
Produttore: Vixen

$ 3.080,00

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Vixen Montatura Sphinx SXD2 Starbook Ten GoTo
Vixen Montatura Sphinx SXD2 Starbook Ten GoTo
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

With the Sphinx Deluxe 2 and the new hand control, Vixen raises the legendary Sphinx range of mounts to the next level.

The result is a mount for very demanding observers and astro-photographers!

With the same precision stepper motors as in the very best Vixen models, the SXD2 brings a new level of performance for mounts of this size. The SXD2 tracking is quieter and smoother, and the increased precision of the motors enables enhanced performance for longer astrophotography exposures times.

This makes the SXD2 better than its predecessors and many other mounts:

  • Precision stepper motors and Micro-Step Motion Control System: The heart of the SXD2 are the precision stepper motors that offer better performance and response than previous models. The Micro-Step Motion Control System has powerful yet very smooth drive properties which are demonstrated both in fine movements as well as in high-speed pans.
  • Built-in bearings: The bearings of the R.A. and DEC. axes and the screw gear shafts have been considerably improved so that the burden on the motors is reduced. As a result, the movement of the motors is much smoother than in previous models.
  • More robust R.A. and DEC. shafts: Highly precise and thick R.A. and Dec steel shafts increase the robustness of the SXD2 mount. High precision worm gears:
  • High-precision processing technologies eliminate faults in the worm gear. The edges of the two worm screws and worm gears are exceptionally smooth and so are extremely precise.
  • Declination axis is used as a counterweight: The solid drive components are located in the lower part of the declination axis, so that the center of gravity of the SXD2 lies under the crossing point of the R.A. and Dec.

The SDX2 mount is supplied complete with the new Star Book Ten control and can be operated either manually or by computer.

The Star Book Ten controller is available for purchase as a standalone item only to upgrade the SX2 mount. It is included as standard with the SXD2, SXP and AXD mounts and is not backwards compatible with the Star Book controller supplied with Vixen’s previous generation SX and Atlux mounts.

Starbook Controller per guida automatizzata delle funzioni GoTo
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