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Vixen Montatura Sphinx SXP2 Starbook Ten GoTo
Vixen Montatura Sphinx SXP2 Starbook Ten GoTo
Vixen Montatura Sphinx SXP2 Starbook Ten GoTo
Vixen Montatura Sphinx SXP2 Starbook Ten GoTo
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

The Sphinx Professional 2 (SXP2) mount is a further development of the classical SXP with improved load-bearing capacity and accuracy of movement - the latter is achieved thanks to a toothed belt drive and large taper roller bearings. This Sphinx purrs like a kitten!

Also the mount chassis has a higher material strength in comparison to the previous SX models. The central axis of the telescope is secured in a fork in order to ensure a high level of stability of the pole block. It is the same fork as seen in the heavier AXJ. With this a fast, but also very stable setting of the latitude is possible.

To set up the mount a 6x20 polar finder is pre-installed. With this, you can set up the polar alignment in both the northern and the southern hemispheres. This polar finder has a variable illuminated reticle with automatic shut-off function. The brightness has 8 levels of adjustment. The Polar finder has a direct set-up using three reference stars and can reach an accuracy of up to 3 arc minutes. If you want to set up the mount quickly and do not need the accuracy required for astrophotography, you can also use the optional compass QPL.

The mount head has a diameter of 35 mm and has eight threaded holes for M8 screws, which are arranged at intervals of 45 degrees. The threaded holes can also be used to attach rails from manufacturers other than Vixen.

The counterweight bar has the same standard diameter as all Sphinx mounts, and so the same counterweights can be used. The bar need not be unscrewed for transporting, but simply slides into the housing. Since the design of the Sphinx mount uses the motor used as a counterweight, the mount requires relatively little additional counterweights.

The Star Book Ten controller is available for purchase as a standalone item only to upgrade the SX2 mount. It is included as standard with the SXD2, SXP and AXD mounts and is not backwards compatible with the Star Book controller supplied with Vixen’s previous generation SX and Atlux mounts.

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