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Solarscope UK Filtro solare 50
Solarscope UK Filtro solare 50
Solarscope UK Filtro solare 50
Solarscope UK Filtro solare 50
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Descrizione prodotto:

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This solar filters can be combined with almost all popular refractors.

Unlike other H-alpha filter, this filter has, which is no central obscuration (obstruction) a clear advantage in the contrast behavior and the sharpness of the optics.

The manufacture of this type of solar filters is therefore also difficult and expensive, are as respected as in the filters of other manufacturers, also has here in the production more on optical quality and mechanical accuracy.
The result is that larger filters of other manufacturers that cost the same or even more expensive, can not keep up with the sharpness and contrast of this filter by far.

With a half-width of 0.7A is located exactly in the area where prominences and surface details can be equally well seen.

The package consists of a 50mm Fabry-Perot etalon filter with a surface accuracy of lambda 1/100, 20mm block filter in a 2 '' version used for the Rear in the telescope, as well as a 2 '' - 1.25 '' Reduction rings.

Not included is an appropriate adapter plate for mounting the filter in front of the lens. These are available as standard for most major telescope manufacturers.

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