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Filtro Deep-Sky B M52

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Descrizione prodotto

Please note: Only one filter is included in the scope of delivery, i.e. not the complete RGB filter set!

The new Astronomik Deep Sky RGB filter set is specially designed for the needs of demanding astrophotographers in order to achieve maximum image quality with all CCD cameras. Use the Deep-Sky RGB Filter Set to capture images with unparalleled sharpness, contrast range and vivid colors.

  • The transmission range of the filters is designed in such a way that the emission lines, which are important in deep-sky photography, can pass unhindered. Raw images created with the color filter set are even easier to merge into a stunning composite.
  • For the development of the RGB filters, Astronomik measured the sensitivity curves of the CCD cameras commonly used in astrophotography in its own development laboratory in order to adapt the color rendering and contrast of the filters to the most important sensors.
  • The transmission properties and the coating technology were designed in such a way that no halos and reflections are visible. Even with bright stars in the field of view, nebulae and galaxies are displayed with the finest structures and the highest contrast.
  • In addition to the RGB filters, Astronomik offers three different luminance filters. The different transmission ranges are selected in such a way that the L filter can be selected to match the color correction of the telescope. Excellent recordings are possible even with moderately color-corrected optics!
  • Like all filters from Astronomik , the DeepSky RGB filters have an extremely resistant and long-lasting coating, applied to a special fine-optical substrate that is also used in space travel. The basic requirement for such material is freedom from streaks, tension and bubbles. Furthermore, the filter carriers are machined to the same thickness in a separate operation: Perfect homofocality and minimal wedge errors are the resulting advantages!

A tip for photography under a light-polluted sky: Use the Astronomik CLS-CCD filter instead of a luminance filter ! You get an L signal, without the lines from sodium and mercury lamps, with much less background noise.



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Tecnica di fabbricazione
Filtri L-RGB
Deep-Sky RGB

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Utile per fotografia
Utilizzabile per osservazioni visuali
Anti-inquinamento luminoso
Astronomik Filtro Deep-Sky B M52
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