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DayStar Filtro solare CAMERA QUARK H-Alfa, protuberanze per Nikon

Prodotto n.: 52376
Produttore: DayStar

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$ 1.820,00

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DayStar Filtro solare CAMERA QUARK H-Alfa, protuberanze per Nikon
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Descrizione prodotto:

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With the H-alpha filter Quark turns your SLR in a solar telescope.

In H-alpha light at 656 nanometers wavelength watching astronomers prominences, filaments, spicules, flares and active solar chromosphere. With the H-alpha filter CAMERA QUARK you can spectacular phenomena of solar document directly photographically. With a zoom lens you can photograph the chromosphere in detail or make a complete recording of the sun by changing the focal length.

The filter CAMERA QUARK is simply mounted between the camera lens and the camera body. For this, he is equipped with the appropriate bayonet. In CAMERA QUARK a 4.2x teleconverter lens is integrated, optimized for H-Alpha. It provides a flat field.

As with any series filters QUARK etalon element is regulated in this model over a heater. therefore you need an external power supply with mini-USB port.


  • extension tube
  • An adapter for connecting a diagonal, with 1.25 "-Steckmaß.
  • A mounting base for connection to a tripod or an astronomical mount a Montierungssattel for Vixen Dovetail.

Please note: The manufacturer recommends DayStar for lenses with 80 mm aperture, the additional use of a lens filter (red, orange or yellow-glass filter).

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