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IDAS Filtro blocca banda UV/IR H-alpha EH 2"

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IDAS Filtro blocca banda UV/IR H-alpha EH 2"
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Descrizione prodotto:

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The ideal UV-IR cut filter for H-alpha sensitive cameras, for example astromodified DSLRs!

The filter absorbs disturbing UV and IR light and thereby increases the contrast in the H-alpha range (H-alpha EH in the product name stands for enhanced, i.e. enhanced in the H-alpha). It is therefore ideal for the photography of galactic nebulae, for which astronomical DSLR cameras are also very popular.

If you remove the chip filter from a digital SLR camera to make the camera more sensitive to the H-alpha wavelength, the image will inevitably become very red during daylight shots. In addition, all pixels in the near IR range between about 750 nm and 1200 nm become light-sensitive again. This further increases the sensitivity to red and provides colored halos around stars when optics with lenses are used (chromatic aberration). You have to filter the camera again. Just how it would be optimal for the eye?

You use a trick: If you filter out a large part of the red light up to near the H-alpha line and then let the astronomically interesting H-alpha line pass through normally in a narrower passage, you get a largely natural color rendering in daylight and still optimal reproduction with astronomical objects. The color balance is only slightly distorted and you still have full sensitivity with H-alpha! Not only are daylight pictures rendered so beautifully neutral, night pictures also do not become reddish, but the red mists come into their own.

  • Specially developed for photography with DSLR cameras and astronomical color cameras (ZWO, ATIK etc.)
  • High-quality anti-reflective coating: anti-reflective coating
  • Particularly scratch-resistant hard coating

Made in Japan!

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