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Baader Flip mirror BFM II
Baader Flip mirror BFM II
Baader Flip mirror BFM II
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Precise folding mirror with multi-layer Al coating, for high-resolution photography with cameras with small pixels

There are a variety of accessories, from the eyepiece on the camera to spectrograph, which can be connected to a telescope. Unfortunately, every telescope has only one eyepiece connection. So it always means screwing and changing - and usually at night in the dark. This does not do any good to the mechanics or the nerves. And once you plan a remote operation, the only way to connect becomes a painful reality. If you are tired of this procedure and would like to significantly improve your workflow, especially in astrophotography, then take a look at the Baader FlipMirror II Zenit Mirror (BFM II)!

The BFM II zenith mirror makes it possible to switch between a straight beam path for a camera or measuring instruments and an angled beam path, eg for an eyepiece. In addition, a calibration light for spectrographs or an off-axis guider can be connected at the bottom via the AUX connection, which is not affected by the mirror position.

Baader-FlipMirror II Center Level (BFM II) with three connections:

  • Straight light path (S52, M48 and T-2 on both sides) for full format cameras, spectrographs and other instruments
  • Adjustable T-2 thread on top for eyepiece clamp, video module (up to 32mm image circle) - or even a binocular approach
  • At the bottom, connect to the separately available off-axis guider or for an optional calibration lamp for rapid calibration of spectra without having to remove the spectrograph

For connection to the telescope you can use an S52-Schwalbe, M48-thread or T-2 thread.

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