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Dome Parts GmbH Rolldach-Sternwarte GreenLine MICRO 44mm

Prodotto n.: 65895
Produttore: Dome Parts GmbH

$ 1.600,00

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Dome Parts GmbH Rolldach-Sternwarte GreenLine MICRO 44mm
Dome Parts GmbH Rolldach-Sternwarte GreenLine MICRO 44mm
Dome Parts GmbH Rolldach-Sternwarte GreenLine MICRO 44mm
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Descrizione prodotto:

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A rolling roof observatory is the ideal observatory for your own garden or for club observatories : As a "hut" it blends in unobtrusively and attractively with the landscape, but offers the best possible view of the sky when the roof is removed!

Further advantages of the rolling roof observatory:

  • A rolling roof hut not only protects your equipment, but also you yourself from distracting glare from the neighborhood and from cold winds. The hut is easily accessible . You can stand upright without bumping your head.
  • Unlike a dome gap, a thatched roof hut does not produce annoying seeing . Rather, you can see the entire sky with the roof open.
  • The hut offers maximum storage space and space for a table or other furniture. The forecourt of the hut can be designed appropriately.

The high-end GreenLine Roll-Off observatories open up new possibilities for your own garden or roof observatory. The GreenLine retractable roof observatories offer enough space for telescopes with a size of up to 20 inches.

The GreenLine observatory can be delivered in different sizes and configurations. The smooth, removable roof lowers the rear wall at the same time to ensure an optimal view of the horizon.

The MICRO observatory is the smallest variant of the GreenLine series. For example, it is still well suited for a Meade 12 "Schmidt-Cassegrain on a Skywatcher EQ8 mount with a 80-centimeter high column from Euro-EMC. Exactly this configuration is shown in the photos of the application example.

The idea of the MICRO retractable roof observatory is to give even star lovers with relatively little budget and / or space the opportunity to build a very solid dwelling for a stationary telescope. The MICRO observatory is therefore not designed for motorization and remote operation, but for the visual "woodpecker" or astrophotographer who still wants to sit at their telescope.

  • Space requirements: 3.80 x 1.90 meters
  • Internal dimensions: 1.75 x 1.75 meters
  • Height: 2.16 meters (closed)
  • Horizon: 1.6 meters (ideal for Newtonian telescopes)
  • Roof slope: 5% (in one direction)

The MICRO retractable roof observatory is available in two different wall thicknesses.

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