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Magnum by Böker Dejavu Wood
Magnum by Böker Dejavu Wood
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Pocket Knife Magnum by Böker Dejavu Wood

With the Magnum Dejavu we have been able to significantly improve the almost three decades old, groundbreaking invention of the one-piece and self-supporting framelocks . In the original design, the handle and lock consist of a single V-shaped spring , the handle and blade are connected only on one side and thus comparatively weak. In the case of the Dejavu knives, a spacer with screw was placed directly next to the blade axis, which together carry a counter plate. Thus, the blade axis is guided from both sides as in a regular folding knife and the load is absorbed symmetrically. The stability increases considerably, but without affecting the purist and slim character of this design. Formwork made of classic cocobolo wood and with a comfortable single-handed opening.

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